Financial Solutions for Personal Injury Litigation

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CoOp Capital offers tailored litigation finance solutions to meet the specific needs of attorneys, medical providers and funding companies.

CoOp Capital leverages deep expertise in the personal injury ecosystem with a commitment to client service to create top-tier financing and software solutions.

With our data-driven technology and unique market position, CoOp Capital enables you to reduce costs, accelerate cash flow and promote growth.

Combining flexible capital with world class software, CoOp Capital eases the administrative costs of serving personal injury victims.

Lien Purchases

Sell your Pre-Settlement Advances or Personal Injury Medical Liens to CoOp in bulk or on a forward-flow basis.

Address Your Cash
Flow Needs

CoOp Capital will purchase some or all of your existing and new liens (we will agree to a "buy box" based on case type, settlement value and other metrics)

Get Upfront

Eliminate the need to wait for your cases to settle: CoOp will provide upfront capital to use for operating expenses and new originations.

Retain Your Relationships

You remain in the driver seat, maintaining control of all servicing and your relationships with attorneys, providers and brokers.


CoOp Capital provides flexible, committed loan facilities secured by the proceeds of Medical Liens, Pre-Settlement Advances or  Attorney Fees.

Customer Acquisition Costs

CoOp Capital's solutions enable you to finance the cost of acquiring customers.

Non-Recourse Financing

CoOp Capital's loans are secured solely by litigation-related liens.  All loans are made on a non-recourse basis to the borrower.

Our Approach

CoOp Capital approaches each client relationship with a commitment to transparency, responsiveness and collaboration.

Fast Decisions

CoOp Capital has developed a transparent and efficient evaluation process to provide funders with term sheets in weeks, not months.

Flexible Financing

CoOp Capital finances all types of funders and case types in every geographic market. We offer terms and solutions tailored to your specific needs to help you reach your objectives.

Aligned With Your Goals

We center our partnerships around transparency. Our financing structures are open and easily managed. We align our objectives with yours -- to successfully and efficiently pursue high quality claims.

Our Team

CoOp Capital is managed by a team of veteran finance professionals and lawyers with deep experience in personal injury litigation finance. Our team delivers focused solutions to help you address your case management and cash flow needs.

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